The Tesla Model S All-Electric Car Test Drive! Done It !


Tesla Model S Test Drive


Yes, a test drive of one of Elon Musk’s creations ! An all-electric creation of elegance, advanced technology, power and efficiency ! It was an experience of total exhilaration and excitement!  That test drive was like driving a space ship traveling on land! It  was like having under your full control a rocket-propelled monster ! And all this has been made possible by the ever-powerful lithium-ion batteries ! The Tesla Model S All-Electric Car Test Drive was a truly unforgettable ride!

The Look And Feel Was Unforgettable !

Tesla Dashboard


Sliding into the driver seat, getting familiar with the controls was as mesmerizing as to a little kid on Christmas day surrounded by new and amazing toys! So this car had no ignition key to speak of, the usual gear shift stick gone and replaced by a steering-column-mounted tiny control stick with Drive and Reverse LED indicators. There was a good-sized screen where you have a full rear view live video, a big addition to the function of the rear view mirrors.

‘Auto Pilot’ Or Human Control

That choice to go on auto pilot/autonomous or manual driving modes was given to me by Alysa, the Tesla representative who was at the passenger seat next to me. I decided to have full control of the vehicle.  It will take a while for me to fully give full control to a machine.  Needless to say I have to visit Tesla more often and get more acquainted with these robot cars.

No Engine-Noise Driving

Easing the Model S out of the parking area was like a dream. You step on the accelerator gently and it moves in perfect silence. The whole thing felt and smelled of pure power. The first opportunity to give it a ‘torque test’ came while still on a side street. Hitting that accelerator very quickly and for a very short duration, the whole car lunged forward with power and acceleration I have never experienced before. Not even a motorcycle comes close to the rush that you feel!

The Handling Was Truly Smooth

The unit that I drove had tires a bit wider than most. That however did not present a problem. The steering was as smooth as ever. Perfect for quick-response situations for a fast moving car like the Model S.

Zero To Sixty In 2.5 Seconds

The approximately 15-minute street and highway test drive did not give me the opportunity to accelerate to its maximum. There was simply too much traffic and there was no safe room for such a car that was far too fast and powerful. I contented myself for what I could safely do with it. I was a happy camper.  And I’ll  be back !

The Future of Land Transportation In Cars Is Forever Changed !

The Model S is rated at 249 to 315 mile range. This is comparable to an average gasoline engine car’s range on one tank of gas.  The flagship vehicle, the Roadster, boasts an even more impressive performance at a 600-mile range and a 1.9 zero to sixty acceleration. There are however some conflicting reports on these numbers about the Roadster.  Please do your due diligence as there is quite a bit of information on these vehicles.

Lithium Ion Batteries, Charging Kits And Goodies For Tesla Cars

What is extremely amazing to me is the source of power for these power-monster vehicles. These are tiny lithium ion storage batteries, around 444 of them in one battery pack for the Model S. Still digging up information on the Roadster.  But the same lithium ion batteries now is spreading out into hundreds if not a few thousand practical uses that will benefit us now and beyond !

A Flying Car On Lithium Ion Battery Power !

Yep, you read that right! A test aircraft somewhere in Germany recently did a very impressive 300-kilometer flight going at 300kmph velocity on one battery charge! And this is just one company out of so many that are heavily competing in this new technology.  This test flight was not done in a drone platform using the popular quad-motor configuration. The platform we are talking about used 36 motors that they called ‘jets’ that allowed the aircraft to take off vertically then cruised forward by swinging its flaps. At any rate this aircraft was powered by lithium ion batteries that are not that much different from the batteries that Elon Musk is using on his all-electric cars .

A Projection For All-Electric Vehicles

The time is here. It is here now. We shall soon be traveling near the 1000-mile range on one charge of the batteries that are powering up these all-electric vehicles, whether by land or air!

California Remains To Lead Nationwide For The Spread Of These All-Electric Vehicles

Tesla Superchargers

I suppose the reasons for the fastest spread of this vehicles being in California is the manufacturing of the whole car is in California. That is except for the lithium ion batteries which are manufactured in the neighboring state of Nevada.

The next obvious reason is the concentration of charging stations in California.  On a road trip, after going for 100 miles, these stations can supercharge a Model S in 24 minutes and for the most part the ‘refuel’ is free. Needless to say, I am hooked to getting one of these for sure. Need to sell the idea to my banker, my wife !  :  )

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Happy Fourth 2018 !

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captdennis · January 7, 2019 at 7:43 pm

Awesome job. I wanna test ride too! Was that a writers perk or did ya have an in?

At all rates this is the future I do believe.

One thing I am concerned about and I haven’t found a definitive answer yet is, I have been told that the carbon footprint in manufacturing these vars is greater than that of the impact of mainstream vehicles overall. Is there any truth to that?

    Joe Joson · June 25, 2020 at 7:07 pm

    Hello there Captain D! You can tell that I am way behind with my response. My apologies!
    The test drive was done randomly. I visited a nearby dealership near Anaheim and asked to do a test drive. The Tesla Team was extremely accomodating and happy to give their clients a 15-20 minute ride around the block and a bit of highway driving.

    As far as the carbon footprint of manufacturing I would say, these are mostly from jealous competitors who would love to build their own electric cars.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Joe Joson

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