What Are Solar Batteries  And Battery Packs?

Solar batteries are simply any electrical storage systems that are used to store electrical energy for later use. In homes, commercial and industrial facilities with  solar PV (Photo Voltaic) systems , batteries could be used to store electricity during the day when the solar panels are producing electricity and use this stored energy at night when the panels are not producing any electricity.

These PV systems with storage batteries provide a guarantee of continued electrical power service even as utilities go through electrical blackouts. The battery below is a solar battery which when used with more units connected in series/parallel connections to suit the design needs of the system. These types of batteries, depending on the number of units used to meet the needs of a particular loads of homes or buildings will allow these facilities to operate 24/7 despite recurring black outs.



Vmaxtanks VMAXSLR125 AGM 12V 125Ah SLA Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery for Use with Pv Solar Panels 

The Key Roles of Solar Power Batteries

Electrical blackouts are very common in many places around the world due to many different reasons.  Lack of reliable generators and related equipment, scarcity of diesel fuel, maintenance problems and financial issues are just a few of the most common causes.  Natural causes as hurricanes or typhoons can also play much havoc among nations and communities. No one is safe from these man-made and natural disasters.

Solar power batteries or storage batteries are by far the best technological solution to the challenge of providing 24/7 electrical power service.  Whether it is powering up our homes, our businesses, industrial buildings or electrical power utility companies, the use of storage batteries now provides the solution that carries with it the most advantage.

Solar Battery Technology Now And Beyond

As the technology in solar panels and related components in PV systems mature, we are seeing a lot of companies join the fray in the development, manufacture and deployment of these batteries. Years ago batteries were limited to a few uses such as for starting vehicles, electronic devices. No one thought that the day will come when storage batteries would power up homes as they do today.  Tesla, one of the leading manufacturers of batteries now manufactures purely electric vehicles.  Tesla’s Roadster is claiming a 600-mile range without a recharge of its batteries.

Tesla has also deployed a 100Megawatt battery storage system in Australia to support a power plant.

So as the power packed by batteries continue to increase as their size decreases, we have not yet seen the best of what batteries could bring to the world.





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