Lithium Ion Batteries – Breaking Power Barriers Around The Globe

Lithium Ion batteries lead the pack in the world of storage batteries. From powering up an important household emergency tool as a flashlight to powering up whole cities, lithium ion batteries has indeed proven to be the world’s star in providing electrical energy when you need it and where you need it.




Nite Ize Inova T4R Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight with Lithium Ion Battery



Portable Home Electrical Power  Uses Lithium Ion Batteries

FSP Group Portable Power Pack Lithium Ion Li-Ion Battery Energy Storage System (EMERGY 3000)


Do you love camping out, traveling around or just love to live in RVs or in live-aboard boats?  Portable power stations are now available to serve as a backup power or an emergency source of power on the road or at home.  This power portability is now becoming reality even for folks who do not go out camping or live in  RVs or live-aboard boats. These portable power stations are great backup or emergency power for our homes.   During an extended power blackouts as a result of hurricanes and other natural disasters, these units could power up your communications equipment as laptops, smart phones,  internet modems and routers.  In addition, it will power up even your mini-refrigerators-freezers and portable electric fans.


Solar Charging Kits Keep Them Running 24/7

Depending on the power rating of your unit and your power usage, you could keep power to your power stations by charging them using solar panels.


FSP Group Semi Flexible Solar Panel for Emergy 1000 / 3000 Recharging Kit



Tesla All-Electric Vehicles – Powered By Lithium Ion Batteries

A very exciting  example of how fast this technology has grown are shown by companies like Tesla Inc.  Tesla is the first highly successful car manufacturer that has designed and built all-electric vehicles. It’s flagship vehicle, the Roadster, claims a staggering one-charge range of 600 miles.  That is approximately double the range of an average-sized gasoline-powered car on one tank of gasoline. Needless to say, the Roadster uses lithium ion batteries for its source of power.



Tesla Powerwall

The Powerwall is a rechargeable electrical energy storage battery that are designed to be permanently installed in homes. The Powerwall is  powered by lithium ion cells.  The latest model of Powerwall, the Powerwall 2 is rated at 7kilowatts/14kwhr. Manufactured by Tesla Inc, the same company that manufactures the all-electric vehicles like the Roadster, the Model S etc, the Powerwall will deliver all the power you need to run your house when the main grid power from your utility company fails. If one Powerwall is not big enough to power your home, a second unit could be added.

When you are not plagued by power outages, you still benefit tremendously from the Powerwall battery storage with the use of solar panels to charge the batteries.  The Powerwall is recharged by the solar panels during the day and powers up the house at night.


Tesla Powerpack

The Powerpacks are the commercial and utility scale electrical storage batteries.  Chained together, they can be scaled up to power up commercial buildings and provide power to stabilize huge utility electric power plants minimizing power disruptions and providing seamless power deliveries to communities.  In 2017, Tesla completed a 100Megawatt/129MegaWattHour Powerpack project in Australia. This is the biggest energy storage using lithium ion batteries in the world. At 100 MegaWatts (100 Million watts) this setup can power up about 30,000 homes.  This project used the electrical production of a wind farm (wind generators) to keep the batteries charged.


The World And Lithium Ion Batteries

We have not forgotten that there are more than a billion people in the world that has no access to electricity.  The solar panels and lithium ion storage batteries combination, in the form of microgrids, opens up the door to more of these electric generating plants  to being installed in many places of the world.

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