All-Electric Vehicles The Future Of Household Transportation

It is no longer a question of if but when do all-electric vehicles become the mainstream household mode of transport.  With the present technology, products are already available for us to avail of this new additional household ‘toys’.

All-Electric Vehicles Are Already Cheaper To Own And Operate Long Term

High-end all-electric vehicles like the Tesla vehicles are still more expensive to buy than the common gasoline-powered vehicles.  This is in reference to the purchase price of these all-electric vehicles.

Now, as we start counting the benefits of having all-electric vehicles, the long-term financials clearly show, it is actually cheaper to own and run these vehicles in the long haul because of the savings on ‘fuel’.

An Annual ‘Fuel Consumption’ Comparison

It is hard to put a finger on the average annual price per gallon on gasoline for everyone. But we all know that year after year it goes up on the average. Now, the cost to harness the energy of the sun through the use of solar panels continue to drop year after year. What am I getting at?

Simple. On a world scale, while the cost of oil/gasoline steadily keeps going up in time, the cost of solar energy keeps dropping. Here are some ‘fuel’ consumption comparison numbers:

Let us assume some numbers. Let us say that a gasoline-powered  and an all-electric vehicle each will rack up 15,000 miles per year or a daily mileage of about 40-41 miles.

Now assuming that the gasoline-powered car will travel 25 miles per gallon of gas, with a per gallon cost of $2.50. Its total expense on gasoline is around $1500 in one year.

For the all-electric vehicle traveling for one year the same 15,000 miles, charging it at an average cost of $0.13 cents/kwhr will run up to  $609 per year for one model and $690 per year for another.  That is a total savings of $891 or $810 respectively for the two models as compared to the gasoline-powered car above.

The per kwhr cost to charge our electric vehicles will vary upon our vehicle make or model, as this will determine the number of miles traveled per charge and our local per kwhr rate or cost.

Return Of Investment (ROI) For The Average-Priced All-Electric Car

Taking the mid-priced model’s savings of $810 per year as shown above as savings, applying that savings to a  monthly payment towards a purchase of that same vehicle, it is estimated to take around 7.6 years to pay off. This clearly shows that your savings by owning an all-electric vehicle versus a gasoline-powered one, generates an amount that could pay off the vehicle in 7 plus years.

Adding a few more dollars to your monthly payments will cut it down to a lesser number of years. Five-year payment terms are now easy to get.

Charge Your EVs (Electric Vehicles) Using Sunlight!

Driving down your street or local highway and thinking that you are driving a vehicle that is powered by energy from the sun is just amazing. And yet this technology is now available.

Making an all-electric vehicle charging system become part of the sizing of a home solar (photo voltaic) PV system further makes the economics of owning one of these vehicles look very attractive.

During the engineering analysis and design of your home or business solar (photo voltaic) system, have them add as part of the electrical loads, a home charging station for your all-electric vehicle or vehicles. Have in your garage a spare battery pack(s) for the EV vehicle(s) and charge them during the day while the solar panels are up and running.

EV Battery Swap Stations

 This is another brilliant approach to a very convenient ‘refueling’ of EVs. Swap out the batteries in battery swap stations. This youtube video shows it takes 90 seconds to swap batteries. This is quicker than the average time it takes to gas up at a gasoline station.  A very impressive performance of convenience and ease for customers. Again do your due diligence as this technology and industry is a very fast-moving one.

Owning An EV And The Opportunity To Sell For Commission

 Do not take my word for it but do your due diligence if this is an interest to you. You have to own an EV before you are authorized to promote and sell their cars and earn commission. This is a no-pressure approach to taking advantage of an opportunity in this industry. And this is doable from your home which makes it very flexible and attractive.

Wealthy Affiliate School Training And Income-Generation Makes It All Possible

With Wealthy Affiliate, a free training trial run is available. You get to try out the training, build your website, interact with members, hear and read about actual income-generation stories and more. The community is very open and helpful in answering your questions. I have seen enough to know that the system works and does help earn money for those who work hard to make their efforts pay off.

Not A Get-Rich-Quick Group

Wealthy Affiliate is not one of those get-rich quick companies. The free website creation tutorial gives you that opportunity to see for yourself what is going on once you are in and start participating in the training, in the discussions and in the sharing of accomplishments.

As it is not a quick way to make a buck, neither it is a place where you can start earning in a very short time. There is a ton to learn.  And a ton of ‘goodies’ to add to your websites to make it a very competitive and good looking site. But as you observe, learn and make progress you will see that your success depends upon your own effort.

These efforts for the most part will revolve around your ability to push your website(s) to the world. Yes, this is selling online with the best approach in online marketing led by many people who are and have been in this industry for years and have accumulated enough experience and expertise to share with newcomers.  Again, do not take a short cut by doing it your way. Do that when you have accumulated the required knowledge and skills.

Wealthy Affiliate is here to guide and lead us to getting these skills and knowledge the proper way. I should know. I own a google adsense account and made $103 in 5 years doing it my way, creating my own blogs etc. I am seeing others who are hitting the 4 digit incomes in less than two years through Wealthy Affiliate. I need not say more. The tuition will get paid off faster than you think.

Six Months And Beyond

How long does it take to start earning commissions?  Where do commissions come from? What are the best ways to increase your sales online ? These are the common questions that hit us as we explore Wealthy Affiliate.

And I am not an exception. I asked those very same questions and got some answers.

Some start getting intermittent sales from companies that offer Affiliate membership really sooner than most. Referrals to Wealthy Affiliate through your own ads in your website(s) that result in new members signing up also earn you credits and income. Advertisers on your websites through adding Google adsense to your sites can also earn you some money. There are many more.

One member shared a story of taking 1 to 1.5 years to get close to $3k in one month. The best part of the business is that as soon as you steadily receive traffic from visitors to your websites, money continues to roll in. Again, it takes time, sweat, focus on the right stuff to do and diligence to make it happen.  Patience is one key quality to have with you from what I hear from others. The next one in my opinion is make it fun. Enjoying the ride makes it a joy instead that of a pain.

Renewable Energy My Niche

Renewable energy starting with the very popular lithium ion batteries is my niche for now. I believe that energy storage or storing electricity is the future in energy. Whether we are talking about electrical power generating plants, transportation vehicles and other energy industries, the players who produce and push game-changing products and services to the masses are going to be the winners in this very exciting energy game.

Energy Storage Is A Game Changer

Storing electrical energy is here to stay and it is getting bigger in capability and efficiency. Who would think that using lithium ion batteries, we are now able to power up homes, commercial buildings, large electrical power plants and now cars and small aircrafts!

The excitement does not stop there. Other means of storage and production of electricity and making them ‘portable’ as in vehicles, is increasing exponentially.


Please leave your comments, critiques and opinions below. They are appreciated and will be responded to.

Joe Joson



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