Green Sun Storage is a website that is focused on  gathering information on the subject of storage batteries, getting the word out and eventually putting all this information to actual use.  In 2010,  a U.N. survey showed there are still 1.2 billion people out there who are without electricity.

Solar Storage is any system, equipment or tool that serves as storage for electricity. Batteries are the best electrical storage there is. We also have quite a few different batteries now in use, to store electrical energy or electricity.

And why store electricity? Storing electricity is the most economical way of putting in store ‘excess electrical energy’ that is being produced by an electrical generator for later use. Without storing these excess power generated, the energy simply is lost and never to be recovered again. We either use that power now or store it otherwise the power is gone.

Most of the common way of storing excess electrical power is in using that excess power or when the power rate per kWh is low to pump a vast amount of water up an elevated reservoir or dam. We release that same volume of water down a pipe to run hydro turbines to generate electricity. Electrical Storage nowadays use many forms of batteries which are mostly using chemistry to ‘hold’ that energy in a particular storage or container to be released later.

Tesla, the biggest manufacturer of Lithium Ion batteries is just one example of a company focused on storage batteries to run electric vehicles, residential homes, commercial buildings and eventually to assist multi megawatt (MW) electrical utility power plants. There are many U.S.  and overseas companies engaged in coming up with new products involving battery storage.


Power generation equipment or electrical generators are just that, systems or equipment that generate electrical power. Here is a 2014 survey of the fuel used in power generation coal (39%), natural gas (27%), nuclear (19%), Hydro (6%), and other renewable (7%). Battery storage now can capture a lot of these power produced to be released at a more sensible time during the day. Please read up on Time of Use (TOU) which could be found in your electric bills.


Solar Power electrical generators or PVs (Photo Voltaic) are one of the most exciting developments of late. It uses the sun’s radiant energy to generate electricity. Many solar power systems installed do not use batteries. It is the author’s opinion that now is a great time to have them. Tesla has 10 year warranties on their Powerwall residential batteries. These warranties could be extended for another 10 years. Nowadays, using very smart applications, you as the owner of the system can choose the programming of how the system uses the batteries to maximize your savings.

If your location is prone to natural disasters, when you have solar panels and storage batteries, you will be able to run your house even as the main electrical grid falls apart. In addition to natural disasters, let us not forget the hackers who are working hard to bring our electrical grid down. Savings and security? The huge power generation systems will be of no use for us when the main grid is down.


Micro Grids are mini or small local grids, local to the facilities or homes that they supply power to. My idea of a micro grid for my home will be a system using solar panels, inverters, storage batteries and diesel, gasoline or propane powered generator as back up. Micro Grids make a lot of sense to critical facilities as hospitals, military bases, remote facilities and just about any home , commercial establishments who want to keep their equipment running when ‘the big one hits’, whatever that big one might be for you or your community.

Micro Grids are not going to be micro grids without storage batteries.


I have recently spent around six months in 2017 and 2018 on the island of Catanduanes in the Philippines. I spent my first 22 years of my life on this tropical paradise.  This paradise turns nasty when the sun rises and the humidity skyrockets to 80-90 percent.  A cool shower every 2 hours helps. Or else, just turn that great air conditioner on and stay indoors.  It does not work that way for the most part. We get ten gazillion of brown outs daily.  This is where Micro grids become your best buddy.  And this is true for most of the Philippines. Brown outs are a norm. Now this is one reason why I started my facebook group Solar Power Philippines which now boasts a 115k membership. I wanted to slowly bring awareness, knowledge, innovation and eventually many local businesses to spring up and make a difference in the lives of over 103 million folks through solar power and storage.

Lucky for us who have some kind of electrical grid to talk or complain about. Over a billion people around the globe have NO electricity. Photo Voltaic or PV electrical generation plants are the best fit for building power generation where the power is needed. Long transmission lines are practically eliminated.


I have been an enthusiast of solar power since 2011. Funding the projects is one of the biggest obstacles in acquiring the systems even for us in the great USA.  It is harder in the third world nations where the most need for electrical power is.  In the Philippines, we are slowly seeing MegaWatt size micro grids and solar farms rise.  It is also interesting to see that crowd-funded community solar systems are being built in the U.S.  We could use additional information out there on how to best FUND or crowd fund our PV projects. Thank you.

Joe Joson



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